Giant Tennis Ball

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The Ultimate Dog Toy!

Completely lightweight and feels just like a real tennis ball, but better! Attracts your dog's attention like no other toy and it's so bright and oversized that you literally can't lose it (under the couch). 

It helps increase the dog's physical activity while promoting proper metabolism.

Made from durable rubber core and covered in typical tennis ball felt.

It's the overall perfect gift for your furry ones!

Additional features:

  • Oversized - 25cm or 9.5 inches in diameter.
  • Great Material - Natural rubber, non-toxic or harmful and will not hurt the dog's teeth.
  • A Great Gift Choice - When you're not home or when you are, this is the best toy to have, keeps your pups occupied and having fun even when you're not there.
  • Great Design - Bright colors and oversized design means even the lazier pups will want to play with it, suitable for dogs of all sizes and age.