CatCrack™ Balls

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Let your cat enjoy their catnip without all the messy flakes. 

These CatCrack™ Balls contain high-potency natural catnip and other stimulatingly tantalizing smells to awaken the tiny predators from their slumbers. And when your kitty starts going out of control, you can stop it with the plastic cap.

Benefits of CatCrack Balls:

  • Enhance your cat's appetite
  • Clean their teeth
  • Freshen the breath
  • Help to clear the hair in the cat's stomach, thus reducing cat hairball.
  • And more important, it's super fun for your furry baby 


  • Concentrated catnip rolled into a ball — a cat’s dream come true
  • Guaranteed safe for pets with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Great for individual play and fulfills your cat's complete need for excitement
  • No messy catnip flakes for a less mess around the house