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Your Cat NEEDS a Natural Digestion Aid!

Most cats struggle with digestive issues. By using our Non-GMO Organic Cat grass you will notice a drastic improvement in their well-being due to the elimination of most digestive issues.

Easy & Fast To Grow!

Just add water, bathe in sunshine, and harvest within 5-7 days! Give your cat the high-quality treat they deserve. The Organic Cat Grass will make a major difference in how your cat feels throughout the day, they will be in a better mood, due to improved digestion.

Shiny Fur & Fresh Breath

Our Organic Cat Grass will give your cat the healthy and shiny fur they deserve, while also freshening their breath. Gone are days of bad breath for your kitty.

Signs Your Cat Needs Cat Grass:

✓ Frequent Hairball Vomits

✓ Bad Digestion

✓ Unhealthy Fur & Shedding

✓ Bad Breath

✓ Constant Aggression

By using our Organic Cat Grass you will see results quickly, and an overall improvement in your cat's health and well-being. 

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See What Other Cat Owners Are Saying

This is the best cat grass you can buy, I think. After my experience with a brand I bought, with small flying bugs that seemed to be growing in it and getting all over the place, it was nothing nice! So after I tossed that out, I went here to do my searching. I found this one, and I can't be happier! No bugs, no mold. Just healthy, green grass and two very happy cats. Lol. They love this. I even pluck a piece out and hold it in the air, they suddenly become snapping turtles as they try to bite it, and eventually chew the entire piece of grass down. Lol. Serenity and Chippy are very thankful for their healthy grass!"

- Alejandra - 5/5 - Florida, USA

My product arrived quickly, and I immediately planted it according to the instructions. I used a container that I had instead of the one provided, but the one provided would have worked fine. I placed it on top of the fridge for a few days until there were sprouts, then placed it in a window to give it plenty of sun. As the instructions say, do NOT over-water. They LOVE their daily grass treat. It is just so good! Don't hesitate to buy this high-quality cat grass.

- Jay - 5/5 - Vermont, USA

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