Avocado Catnip Ball

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Reduce Separation Anxiety

We have to leave our cats alone more than we would like, and due to this they usually develop Separation Anxiety, the Avocado Catnip Ball was crafted to Reduce Separation Anxiety with its All-Natural Herbs and Mood-Boosting effects.

Mood-Boosting Ingredients

Is your cat constantly uninterested and not their usual self? They could be suffering from depression or severe stress. 

The Avocado Catnip Ball can help reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Stress with its Mood-Boosting Pet Safe Ingredients.

Mental Stimulation Treat

The Avocado Catnip Ball provides that much-needed Mental Stimulation that is greatly reduced by modern life. Using an advanced rotating feature the Avocado Catnip Ball keeps your cat stimulated for hours drawing out their Natural Instincts.

With a more stimulated mind, your cat will be a happier version and have a higher quality of life.

Treat Your Cat to a Better Life

We recommend that you get more than one Avocado Catnip Balls for your cat, most cat owners have noticed that their cats are better stimulated with Multiple Avocado Catnip Balls.


✓ Pet Safe Ingredients

✓ All-Natural Herbs

✓ Reduce Anxiety and Stress

✓ Mood-Boosting

✓ Mental Stimulation

✓ Reduces Bloating

✓ Improve Sleeping Habits

Our Top Rated Avocado Catnip Ball is running low on stock. Get Yours Now to improve your cat's mood and give them the mental stimulation they deserve!

See What Other Cat Owners Are Saying

“My kitties love their new avocado toys. They're a little smaller than a real avocado. The catnip pit stays in really well which is great. I don't want that rolling around my house. They're sturdy toys and don't feel like they're going to break. And my cats play pretty hard with them. I will definitely get these again and would recommend them to other cat owners.

- Nalini - 5/5 - FL, USA

"Our Cat was interested right out of the box. Started playing with it and was rolling around- kept the cat entertained for hours. Both avocados come individually wrapped. Toys are cute and by the cats, the reaction was great, it definitely has improved her mood, and has been looking more interested in interacting in daily life. Overall one of my best purchases for the cat."

- Gabriela - 5/5 - Ohio, USA

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